Black Kite stealing piece of Zebra from Lion kill,WP_4204
Black Kite stealing piece of Zebra from Lion kill, Ngorogoro Crater
European Roller wing open_WP,4035
European Roller wing open, Serengeti, Tanzania
Nesting tree of Lappet-faced Vultures II, Gol Koppies_2167
Nesting tree of Lappet-faced Vultures II, Gol Koppies Northern Tanzania.
Verreaux's Eagle Owl calling early morning,WP_7175
Verreaux’s Eagle Owl calling early morning, Naabi Hill, Serengeti
Verreaux's Eagle Owl calling see vocal sack WP
Verreaux’s Eagle Owl calling see vocal sack NaabiHill, Serengeti
Verreau'x's Eagle Owl sub-adult calling for food_7181
Verreau’x’s Eagle Owl sub-adult soliciting for food, Naabi Hill Serengeti
African Grey Flycatcher,L Manyra N P_WM_5027
Yellow-breasted Longclaw_7975
Yellow-billed Oxpeckers panting in the heat,Tar_3555
Yellow-billed-Oxpeckers-panting-in-the-heat Tarangire
Yellow-collared Lovebirds at nest hole Tarangire_2838
Yellow-collared Lovebirds drinking Tarangire_3258
Yellow-collared Lovebird drinking Tarangire_3270
Winchat , Serengeti_7937
Little Stint flock ,Lake Ndutu_7344
Montagu's Harrier flying up, Serengeti_6763
Montagu's Harrier juvenile flying,Simba koppies in backround_6774
Fischer's Lovebird at nest entrance_4517
Fischer's Lovebirds meetting Ndutu_7245
Fischer’s Lovebirds-meeting -Ndutu
Fischer's Lovebirds at nest hole zeta_1939
Fischer's Lovebird landing at nest in stump_6289
Yellow-collared Lovebirds on perch , Tarangire_3241
Pygmy Kingfisher , L Manyara N P _5079
Grey Crowned Crane Seronera_8141

African Grey Flycatcher, Seronera_4739 Superb Starling , Tarangire _0352Black Kite , Ngorogoro Crater picknick site_5498 Black Kite,WP, Ngorogoro_5662 Yellow-throated Sangrouse calling _7494 Yellow-throated Sandgrouse male and female _7484 Yellow-throated Longclaw calling Serengeti_WM_7967 Yellow-necked Spurfowl, Tarangire_0419 Yellow-necked Francolin calling ,Tarangire_4153Yellow-necked Spurfowl, Tarangire Hughs sharpening_WM3395 Yellow-necked Spurfowl calling ,Tarangire WM_3812 Yellow-billed Storks,Lake Manyara Nat Pk_LR_4635 Yellow-billed Storks in flat formation, Lake Manyara Nat PK_LR_4627 Yellow-billed Oxpecker , sitting on the tail of giraffe_WM_3596 White-headed Buffalo-Weaver , Tarangire _3217 White-browed Scrub-robin taking a bath_5097 White-browed Scrub-robin taking a bath L Manyara N P_5118 White-browed Robin-Chat pair calling Gibb's,WM_2804 White-bellied Bustard , female flying up_WM_6734 White-bellied Bustard ,male and female,_WM_6713 White-bellied Bustard, Male and Female ,Serengeti _WM_4626White-bellied Bustard Display , wing open,_WM_6740 White-bellied Go-away-bird, Tarangire _WM_3135White-bellied Bustard,male diplaying brack beard, Serengeti_WM_4624White-bellied Bustard,female display_6731 Western Barn Owl roost in split boulder _7613 Wattled Starlings waiting for disturbed insects _7502 Wattled Starlings on animals to hawk insect disturbed_7506 von der Decken's Hornbill , male ,Tarangire_4570 Von der Decken's Hornbill male_3461Von der Decken's Hornbill female_3482 View over Plains from our camp on Naabi Hill , Serengeti_2134 Striped Kingfisher, Tarangire _LR_3956 Superb Starling, Tarangire _LR_4179 The One that got away, _4210 Striated(Green-backed)Heron juveniles, Manyara_4598 Striated (Green-backed) Heron, Tarangire _4527 Tawny eagle just about to land ,Gol Koppies Serengeti _7756Steppe Eagle full crop, Serengeti_7511 Spurwing Lapwing Lake Manyara Nat Pk_LR_4639 Spurwing flight,Northern sub-species,with white face,Ngoro_5850 Spotted Palm-Thrush Manyara Nat Pk_3815 Spotted Morning Thrush, Seronera_4770 Slate-coloured Boubou, Seronera_4761 Southern Ground-Hornbill , Tarangire_4326 Southern Ground-Hornbill fly past ,Tarangire_4329 Speckled Mousebird , LManyara N P _4996Speckle-fronted Weaver , Lake Manyara Nat Pk WM_4974Speckle-fronted Weaver ,Serengeti_4779 Speke's Weaver _3824 Silvery-cheeked Hornbills flying at sunrise,L Manyara N P _3684 Silvery-cheeked Hornbill portrait L Manyara N P _3381 Silvery_cheeked Hornbill female L Manyara N P _3744 Silverbird Serengeti_7423 Silverbird Serengeti WM_7425 Serengeti Pipit_7428 Ruppell's Vulture (Griffen) Serengeti_8501 Rufous-naped Lark calling,Serengeti_WM_5743 Rufous-naped Lark display by jumping from calling perch, Serengeti Rufous-naped lark displaying,Serengeti_WM_5752 Rufous-tailed Weaver near nest WM_3028 Rufous-tailed Weaver Sub-adult,Tar_LR_4483 Ruppell's Griffon Vulture ,Serengeti_WM_6826 Ruppell's Griffon Vulture, Serengeti_8510 Rufous Sparrow ,Seronera_4754 Rosy-breasted Longclaw_7947 Rosy-breasted Lonclaw fly Serengeti _7950 Reflections on Lake Ndutu _4867 Red-winged Bats , Tarangire _3311 Red-necked Spurfowl , Tarangire _ WM 2929 Red-chested Cuckoo, Tarangire_3222 Pygmy Falcon lifting up_7221 Pygmy Kingfisher ,L Manyara N P _ WM _5078 Pygmy Kingfisher in bush,Lake Manyara Nat PK_LR_4687 Red and Yellow Barbet, Tarangire,LR_4516 Red-and_Yellow barbet, Tarangire WM _3926 Red-cheeked Cordon-Bleu with ordinary Southern C-Bleu_3289 Pangani Lonclaw Ngorogoro WM_5862 Pangani Longclaw_5862 Palm-nut Vulture Imm Lake Manyara Nat Pk_LR__4743 Oxpecker mixture ,Ngoro_5870 Orange-bellied Parrot and two Meyer's Parrots ,Tarangire_3701 Little Bee-eater with butterfly_3782 Little Bee-eater landing Tarangire _3441 Little Bee-eater pair L Manyara N P _0892 Long-crested Eagle , wind blowing through crest, Tarangire_4505 Long-tailed Fiscal with young Tarangire _3753 Marabou Stork eating afterbrith, Ndutu _7415 Little Bee-eater with butterfly Manyara_3777 Lilac-breasted Rollers with sun spider _3869 Lilac-breasted Roller landing,Tarangire _3364 Lilac-breasted Roller flying, 'Tarangire_3256 Lilac-breasted Roller ,Tarangire _ WM_3254 Lesser Flamingo's over Ndutu Lake WM_7576 Lesser Flamingo's on Lake Ndutu_4891 Hildebrandt's Francolin, Tarangire_2960 Hildebrant's Starling, Serengeti_4784 Kittlitz's Plover,feeding in muddy spoor of antelope_7397 Klaas's Cuckoo, Tarangire _7325 Kori Bustard displaying and calling_1538 Lappet-faced Vuture, massive beak _7812 Lesser Flamingo's Lake Ndutu_7587 Hartlaub's Bustard , Serengeti_2190 Hamertkop and freshly caught frog, Tarangire_LR-4298 Hamerkop with two frogs ,Tarangire WM _4207 Hamerkop with frog, Tar_LR_4277 Hamerkop juggling frog into position to swallow,Tar_LR_4308 Grossbeak Weaver ,with intricate nest, Gibb's Farm_2822 Grey-headed Kingfisher,Tarangire_3515 Grey-backed Fiscals displaying, Serengeti _6899 Grey-breasted Spurfowl Ndutu_6216 Grey-breasted Spurfowl pair_ WM 7525 Grey-breasted Spurfowl pair_7525 Grey-capped Social Weaver ,Seronera_2538 Grey-capped Social-weaver with nest material, Seronera_4738 Grey-headed Kingfisher with mole cricket, Tarangire_4545 Grey-backed Fiscal , Seronera WM_2494 Grey-backed Fiscal ,Seronera WM_2490 Grey Woodpecker, Tar_LR_4013 Grey Heron with Barbel Seronera_8115 Grey Crowned Cranes feeding_5338 Grey Crowned Cranes Courting Ngoro WM_1646 Grey Crowned Cranes , pre-coppulatory displays_5382 Greenshank , Seronera_8061 Grey Crowned Cranes courting Ngoro WM_1684 Grey Crowned Crane flying away, Ngorogoro crater _WM_5160 Grey Crowned Crane formation Ngoro_5922 Grey Crowned Crane male and female display ,Ngoro_1658 Grey Crowned Crane portrait, Serengeti_8126 Greater Kestrell _ WM _7453 Greater Flamingo reflection ,Lake Ndutu_7340 Greater Flamingo's landing , Lake Ndutu._6607 Great Spotted Cuckoo_Ndutu 6238 d'Arnaud's Barbet doing clock-work duette_ WM_4895 Diederik Cuckoo soliciting food from host parents_2795 Diederik Cuckoo,chick soliciting food from Baglafecht weaver WM_2786 Dusky Turtle Dove ,Ngoro_5949 Egyptian Goose flying off Palmtree perch,Tarangire_4099 European Roller wing open_4035 d'Arnaud's Barbet ,Seronera WM__2549 d'Arnaud Barbet ,Seronera_4777 Dark Chanting-Goshawk playing in the rain with elephant dung_4408 Dark Chanting-Goshawk Imm. practising hunting on Elephant dung _4425 Dark Chanting-Goshawk attacking dung in the rain_4407 Dark Chanting-Goshawk attacking Elephant dung in the rainWM_4359 Crowned Grey Crane drinking with reflection_4008 Brown-crowned Tchagra, Lake Manyara Nat PK_4697 Chestnut Sparrow , Ndutu _WM7219 Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater entering nesting hole with bee, Arusha_2976 Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater with bee Arusha Nat Pk_8601 Crested Francolin calling , Tarangire _2950 Crested Guineafowl, Lake Manyara Nat Pk_3350 Crested Guineafowl,red on face, Lake Manyara Nat Pk_3350 Brown-crowned Tchagra , Lake Manyara Nat Pk_4696 Bronze-winged Courser, Tarangire_3759 Bronze Sunbird Gibb's Farm_2843 Bronze Sunbird Gibb's Farm_2808 Blue-capped Cordon-bleu Tar_3291 Black-winged Stilts , on Lake Ndutu_7354 Black-winged Lapwing, Tarangire_4158 Black-bellied Bustard ,Serengeti_7663 Black-bellied Bustard portrait, Serengeti_7656 Black-chested Snake-Eagle with small snake Ngoro WM_6061 Black-faced Sandgrouse female ,Tarangire_3650 Black-faced Sandgrouse male and female, Tarangire_4501 Black-shouldered Kite with nesting material Naabi Hill_8045 Blacksmith Lapwing bathing_7094 Black-bellied Bustard ,Serengeti _7648 Black Coucal Seronera_8244 Black Bishop Lake Manyara Nat Pk_LR_4786 Black Bishop ,in water , L Manyara N P _ WM_5106 Baglafecht(Reichenow's)Weaver WM _2892 Baglafecht Weaver (Reichenow's) , Gibb's farm _2812 Augus Buzzard sub-adult Tarangire _3325 Ashy Starling, Tarangire_2815 Ashy Starling,Tarangire Gate_0330 Augur Buzzard , L Manyara N P_4954 Augur Buzzard dive bombed by Fiscal Shrike L Manyara N P _WM_4855 Augur Buzzard dive bombed by Grey -headed Kingfisher _WM_4969 Augur Buzzard sitting on bank, L Manyara N P_4949 Augur Buzzard, Naabi Hill_8452 African Mourning Dove, Tarangire _3200 African Grey Flycatcher,L Manyra N P_WM_5027African Mourning Dove, Tarangire _3200 Aa Map of Tanzania