Hot Air Balloon flight over Serengeti WM_7189
Hot Air Balloon flight over Serengeti
Yellow -billed Oxpecker on Giraffe, Tarangire
Yellow -billed Oxpecker on Giraffe, Tarangire .
Blue Monkey baby, Lake Manyara Nat Pk_3592
Buffalo in the mist , Naabi Hill _4681
Blue Monkey male , Lake Manyara Nat PkI_3564
Bend in Tarangire River, with breeding herd _3199
Bend-in-Tarangire-River-with-breeding-herd of Elephant
Grant’s Zebra- and foal -Tarangire-
Chacma , Olive Baboon with needle sharp canines , yawning_3398
Chacma , Olive Baboon, Papio ursinus -with-needle-sharp-canines-yawning
Male and Female Chacma , Olive Baboon with young, Tarangire _4117
Male-and-Female-Chacma, Olive -Baboon-with-young-Tarangire-_4117.jpg
Chacma , Olive Baboon on branch with hand up,Tarangire _3376
Chacma ,Olive Baboon-on-branch-with-hand-upTarangire
Chacma , Olive Baboon baby ride on mother , Tarangire _WM_3377
Chacma , Olive Baboon-baby-ride-on-mother-Tarangire
Maternal Love Tri-Angle Chacma , Olive baboons , Tarangire_4122
Maternal-Love-Tri-Angle-, Chacma , Olive Baboons Tarangire
Chacma , Olive Baboon family and very young infant Tar_0799
Chacma , Olive-Baboon-family-and-very-young-infant
Olive, Chacma Baboon male ,portrait, Lake Manyara Nat Pk_3392
Olive-, Chacma , Baboon-male-portrait-Lake-Manyara
Olive, Chacma Baboon male ,portrait Lake Manyara Nat Pk_3392
Olive, Chacma -Baboon-, Papio ursinus, male-portrait-Lake-Manyara
Olive , Chacma Baboons playing in overnight tree, at sunset, Tarangire_3050
Olive, Chacma -Baboons-playing-in-overnight-tree-at-sunset-Tarangire
Reflections on Lake Ndutu _4867
White-bearded Gnu , walking together _4853
Golden Jackal , portrait in the rain_6206
Golden-Jackal-portrait-in-the-rain, Serengeti
Angry Juvenile Elephant ,doing intimidating charge_3088
African Water Monitor (Leguaan)_3935
African-Water-Monitor-Leguaan_, Tarangire
Cheetah and 4 cubs resting Ndutu zeta_1964
Elephant's eye_0617
Elephants-eye, close-up, seldom seen open without eye-lid protecting against the Light
Giraffe at Sunrise, Naabi Hill_2078
Giraffe- at- Sunrise-Naabi-Hill_ Serengeti
Greater Galago ,see large tail , Gibb's Farm_2872
Greater-Galago, Otolemur crassicaudatus , -see-large-tail, hence Alt. Name. Thick-tailed Bushbaby, , Afr. Bosnagaap, -Gibbs-Farm
Greater Galago portrait Gibb's Farm_2871
Greater-Galago, Thick-tailed Bushbaby, Afr. Bosnagaap, Otolemur crassicaudatus -portrait-Gibbs-Farm
Hyeana running with Thompson's gazelle lamb WM_7202
Spotted Hyeana-running-with-Thompsons-gazelle-lamb carcass, Serengeti
Kirk's Dik-Dik closing urine patch of female_3238
Kirk’s -Dik-Dik-male, Madoqua kirkii , the Worlds Smallest Antelope , spp,  closing-urine-patch-of-female, Tarangire
Kirk's Dik-Dik male WM_3248
Kirk’s-Dik-Dik-male-Madoqua kirkii, The Worlds smallest antelope , , Tarangire
Lion snooze tree, Seronera_4792
Lion-snooze-tree-, usually prefer  a Sausage Tree, Kiggelia , Seronera
Lion cub tripping mother Simba Koppjes_7987
Lion-cub-tripping-mother-Simba-Koppjes, Serengeti,
Lion cub close to Lioness ,Ngoro_1836
Lion-cub-close-to-Lioness-Ngorogora Crater , Tanzania
Leopard Seronera Magic wand_8270
Leopard-Seronera-Magic-wand, Lying up in Tree, away from Blood sucking flies and Spotted Hyeana’s
Leopard on the run ,Seronera_7046
Leopard-on-the-run-Seronera, Serengeti.
Leopard in a fork_8204
Leopard-in-a-fork of large tree , Seronera Area , Serengeti
Lazy Leopard _8174
Lazy-Leopard, during the day , spend time up a tree, to avoid blood sucking flies and Spotted Hyaena’s
Leopard standing in a tree ,Seronera_6963
Leopard-standing-in-a-tree-Seronera Serengeti
Lioness on Simba Koppies2457
Lioness-on-Simba-Koppies, she is part of a family group,
Lioness three cubs Seronera_8385
Lioness-with three-cubs, still young and need to suckle , -Seronera
View over Plains from our camp on Naabi Hill , Serengeti_2134
View-over-Plains-from-our-camp-on-Naabi-Hill-Serengeti, view of hundreds of Animals grazing.
Mother helping unwilling youngster to cross road_0658
Elephant Mother-helping-unwilling-youngster-to-cross-road, Tarangire
Typical Lion Jam in Ngorogoro Crater _3962
Lioness with Vehicles, Typical-Lion-Jam-in-Ngorogoro-Crater, at a Lion sighting , Game Viewing vehicles will congregate , but the animals do not mind.
Three cubs and mother_8379
Lion Cubs with Female Lion, Three-cubs-and-mother, the cubs keep together for security
Sunset Herd , Serengeti_2129
White-tailed or Bearded Gnu, different to Blue Wildebeest, Sunset-Herd, Of Bearded Gnu, -Serengeti
Small Calf suckling ,cow peacfully grazing, Tarangire _3159
Elephant Small-Calf-suckling-and cow-peacfully-grazing-Tarangire
Red-winged Bats , Tarangire _3311
Red-winged-Bats-, carnivore, very large ears Tarangire, entrance gate to Park
Yellow -billed Oxpecker on Giraffe_3589
Yellow -billed -Oxpecker- on-Giraffe_searching for ticks and other morsels , dry skin and wounds
Our Van's watching the crossing(of the Road) Naabi Hill backround WM_2387
Our-Vans-watching-the-crossing of-Gnu Wildebeest over road , -Naabi-Hill -background-
What a nice yawn_8162
Leopard in tree, Lazy afternoon, What-a-nice-yawn
White-tailed Colobus Monkey Arusha N P_8593
White-tailed Colobus Monkey Arusha Nat Pk_2962
White-tailed -Colobus-Monkey -Arusha-Nat-Pk
Widebeest sunriseIMG_4832
Wildebeest-sunrise, Naabi Hill, looking over Serengeti Plains
Wildebeest and calves jumping, Serengeti_7922
White bearded Gnu , Wildebeest-and-calves-jumping over road -Serengeti_
Young irritated Elephant near to jeep,Tarangire _3082
Young-irritated-Elephant-near-to-jeep, Tarangire
Zebra nuzzeling in the pan ,Tarangire_3999
Grant’s  Zebra, Equus quagga boehmi,-nuzzling -in-  the-pan-Tarangire