Spotted Eagle-Owl



Spotted Eagle-Owl, (Bubo africanus)
Spotted Eagle-Owl, youngster , new out of nest , taking a stroll away from nest area , but not able to feed itself or fly yet, but waiting to be fed by parents.
Spotted Eagle- Owl portrait
Spotted Eagle-Owl


Spotted Eagle-Owls are the best known owls in Southern Africa, not only because they are so easily seen in towns and built -up areas , but because they seem to be “tame” and are well known for their hooting call, Hoo-hoo, and their profile with two  “ears”., visible at dusk perched on lamp poles and other prominent outlook posts ,like TV antennae.

They are unfortunately the owls, other than Western Barn Owls, whose chicks get taken out of nests and taken home as pets.

Eventually most of these orphans either die or end up in Rehabilitation Centres.


Spotted Eagle-Owl_camouflage
Spotted Eagle-Owl in natural habitat
Spotted Eagle-Owl calling near nest
Spotted Eagle-Owl calling neat nest , note the white blown up throat area
Spotted Eagle-Owl bullet
Spotted Eagle-Owl flying like a Bullet towards handler.

Spotted Eagle- Owl Spotte Eagle owls Spotted Eagle-Owl Spotte Eagle owl chick SEO_reredII Spotted Eagle Owl, SEO_displayII Spotted -Eagel Owl Spotted Eagle-Owl landing Spotted Eagle- Owl Spotted Eagle- Owl in the wind Spotted Eagle -Owl in grass W Spotted Eagle-Owl ears front view Spotted Eagle-Owl nest tree Spotted Eagle-Owl perched Spotted Eagle-Owl Spotted Eagle-owl_chick Spotted_Eagle-owl _two_colours Spotted_Eagle-owl Spotted_Eagle-owl_camouflage Spotteg_ Eagle-owl_ chick Spotted-Eagle_Owl_close-up_Self_in_eye Spotted_Eagle-owl_with_Chicks Spotted_Eagle-owl_two_chicks Spotted_Eagle-owl_side_fly Spotted_Eagle-owl_fly_from_ thatchI Spotted_Eagle-owl_close-up

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