Sasol Owls & Owling in Southern Africa

3154259In seven chapters Tarboton and Erasmus present each of Southern Africa’s owl species. The guide tells readers where and when to look and listen for owls, what tell-tale signs to look for, how to encourage them to your property , and where to find nests. It also discusses conservation issues regarding owls, which includes the use and misuse of Rodenticides. Owls are introduced in their various aspects, and the chapters are grouped according to habitat – for example, city owls, bushveld owls, owls in the grass and owls that live near water.

Author’s Note:  We tried to make a new word , instead of “Birding” , which is well known, for looking and study of Birds, we used the word “Owling” as the study and enjoyment of looking at Owls

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