Brown-Hyena-with-Springbok-Carcass, the Hyena , watchful for the Lions in the vicinity. Kgalagadi national park
Pangolin, Scaly Ant Eater , Ietermago, Karongwe Private Reserve, Limpopo

Bush baby , see long tail, Tarlehoet, Sabie Park ,
Hyena-pair-drinking-waterhole, Quibitjie Quap, Kgalagadi National Park
-Bush baby-Irene, One of the most popular Images to be sold for Educational purposes.

Southern Africa is rich in a Selection of Nocturnal Animals. Not as well known as the Nocturnal Birds, e.g. Owls, but non the less just as Interesting when observed.
In this selection we have just a small selection of the more common Nocturnal ones.

Examples are  Bush Babies ,which are the  most endearing animals to visit your campsite at Night, and  to Brown Hyena, seen seldom during the day , but sometimes on the Road at sunrise.

At most camps ,in National and Private Reserves, Nocturnal  visitors can also be Honey badgers and Porcupines, sniffing around campfire  and braai grids, and also overturning refuse bins for left overs.

None of these animals mean any harm to people, and will go their way, just as silently as they appeared!

Camping near to the Perimeter Fence in Camps , can be a show time Nocturnally  of Spotted Hyena and Civet, walking on well trodden path next to the fence, a habit developed because visitors have the unlawful  habit of feeding the animals through the fence.

Other lesser known Nocturnal Creatures are the Aardwolf, Aardvark and the Mega tick of Nocturnal Animals  the Pangolin, or Scaly Ant-eater.

And don’t forget about the Cape Fox, Vulpus chama,  our Southern Regions only really Fox, as the Latin name shows.

All of these are also very scarce, but often only encountered on Game Drives at night.