Western Barn Owl, with Rodent prey, on perch near nest , ready to feed chicks in the nest, inside a Farm Barn,
Western Barn Owl, Tyto Alba ,  with Rodent prey, on perch, Potchefstroom , North West Province  South Africa
Mountain-Zebra-on-Plains-Mountain-Zebra-National Park , Eastern Cape South Africa
Lonely-Tree-, Boscia albitrunca, lonely on pebble valley , Richtersveld-National park , Northern Cape South Africa
Cheetah-Female-with-four-younsters,, female concentrating on something distant , -Nossob-River-Kgalagadi-National-Park-
Cheetah-female-with-full-grown-Sprinbok Ram brought down , -prey-Kgalagadi-National-Park , South Africa
Cheetah-female-with-full-grown-Sprinbok Ram brought down , prey-Kgalagadi-National park South Africa
Aloe-dichotoma-at-sunrise-Kokerboompoort-Richtersveld National park , South Africa
Aloe-dichotoma-at-sunrise-Kokerboompoort-Richtersveld National Park ,Northern Cape South Africa ,
Lanner-Falcon, Falco biarmicus, -with-Prey, cleanly plucked Dove or Sand grouse ,-Kgalagadi-National Park, South Africa
Lanner Falcon, Falco biarmicus, with-Prey-cleanly plucked Dove or Sand grouse, Kgalagadi National Park, South Africa
Leopard Male called Dayone-in-Marula-tree Ulu-lapa, Sabi Sabi Reserve
Cape Buffalo-grazing-Black and White image, gives the sinister effect, of a very dangerous animal.
African Wood Owl, Strix woodfordii, very secretive owl of forests and overgrown river banks. Sitting quietly in the dark foliage during the day, but a night calling loudly , especially when dueting.
African Honey Bee hovering over Aloe marlothi flower, the bees are a very important pollinater of flowers, fruit , and crops, and is becoming scarce. Note the sacs on hind legs to carry pollen to the nest
Lioness , old female , with her three offspring, sitting in the rain , and tormented by blood sucking flies, Serengeti Plains , Tanzania
Woodland Kingfisher, Halcyon senegalensis, summer visitor to Southern Africa , to breed , using holes in trees an dry stumps. Has a well known call , and a dashing flight , showing the cobalt blue on the wings.
Western Barn Owl, parent leaving nest, in a Hamerkop nest, five nestlings looking on
Western Barn Owl,Tyto alba ,  parent bird  leaving nest,after feeding chicks ,  nestlings , in disused Hamerkop nest, Vaal River  North West Province , South Africa
African Barred Owl, sitting at nest entrance, in Maroela tree
African Barred Owlet, Glaucidium capense  , sitting at nest entrance, in Old Maroela tree, at sunrise , Buffelshoek, Sabi Sabi, Park South Africa
Commiphora saxicola,Rock Commiphora, SwakopRiver, Namib Park
Commiphora saxicola,Rock Commiphora, desert plant growing in Swakop River bed , Namib Park Namibia ,
Secretarybird, Sagittarius serpentarius, feeding chick on nest, Potchefstroom.
Secretarybird, Sagittarius serpentarius,   feeding chick on nest, see egg, only hatched later, Parent bird kneeling with legs folded forward,
 Verreaux,s Eagle , old name Black Eagle, cliff nest , inaccesable, feeding chick on remains of Smith's Red Rock Rabbit
Verreaux,s (Black) Eagle , old name Black Eagle, Aquila verreauxi,  cliff nest, feeding chick , still brown feathered, with remains of Red Rock Rabbit, or dassie ( Rock Hyrax ) Vaal River , North West Province , South Africa