Glow of Sunrise to the East , Launch site of Balloon
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Pilot of Hot Air Balloon after the flight
Champagne Breakfast , after the Hot Air Balloon flight
Just landed , setting up the Champagne Breakfast
Tables for Champagne Breakfast laid out, in Valley near Sossus Dunes
Good to be on the ground , Ground crew , lorry in Backround
Rolling up the big Balloon , Sossus Dunes Back round
Landing the Balloon in strong wind , caused a long time to standstill, see skid marks
No Injuries!_
Sossus Dunes a mixture of Warm colours,
Sossus Dunes , formidable , Looking towards the West
Hot Air Balloon , steering mechanism, to turn the Balloon , so everybody has a view.
Trees , Rocks and River looks tiny from the Balloon
Red Dunes of Sossus Vlei, Barkhan Dunes , and dry Tsauchab River
Patterns in the Sand , Sossus Vlei
Floating towards the High Dunes, over the Tsauchab River bed, see Tar road , leading to Dead Vlei_
Barkhan Dunes , with Ground crew waiting
View inside Balloon, to the top
Dunes and Dune Grass , seen from Balloon._
Panoramic view, colourful dunes, seen from Balloon
Zeta and Myself during the flight, Pilot adjusting the gas flames
Hot Air Balloon , nearly set up to Go, staff hold on , to keep it from leaving too soon
Gas Burners used to start filling the balloon , and also petrol driven Fan to help
Balloon Half way there
Zeta and our Guide, Progress, waiting to fly.
Before Sunrise, Balloon gets filled , Burner going Full blast
Zeta waiting ,before Dawn